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The designer and initiator and the current operator of the WPiK.pl is the Foundation for Lifelong Learning PERITIA.




Our motto:

Unleash your awareness, educate yourself and act!

Our passion is to give and share knowledge and we spread this passion all over the world.
By this we change the way people think and thus the world is changing!


The main aim of The Foundation is to carry out comprehensive activity towards the concept of life long learning through:

-additional education for children and the youth
-the life long learning of adults
-conducting  trainings, academic and educational activities relating to the improvement of  professional qualifications,  full social presence and the individual personal development

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation.





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Fundacja Kształcenia Ustawicznego PERITIA
ul. Artura Grottgera 16/1
60-758 Poznań

KRS: 0000352885

Tel. +48 502 623 505
Email: biuro@fundacjaperitia.pl
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