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In total, during 6 editions (2 editions of Cytrynarium-only conferences and 4 editions of WPiK.pl- conferences + workshops) participated nearly 1200 students from Poznan and Wielkopolska  including nearly 120 pupils from high schools and grammar schools.

Workshops, seminars, and conferences that help young people from Wielkopolska by the means of promoting the inventive and proactive attitude.



WPIK.pl is a series of free training courses, workshops and lectures/presentations for:

•      ambitious and creative students who are interested in personal development;

•      young people who seeking for the possibilities of financing their activities,

•      those who are interested in innovative and pro-active actions.


WPIK.pl workshops and conferences mail goals:

1. To be knowledgeable and innovative.

2. To be able to answer the question: how to be pro-active, innovative, and how to create own personal development consciously.

3. To acquire the knowledge about different funding sources to fulfill own dreams/desires or start own business.


Several institutions got interested in our event and thus we gained:

• Honorary Patronage of the Voivodship Marshal Marek Wozniak;

• Honorary Patronage of the Poznan President;

• Attendance of five universities:

Ø    Poznan University of Technology;

Ø    Adam Mickiewicz University;

Ø    Poznan University of Economics;

Ø    Poznan University of Life Sciences;

Ø    High School of Humanities and Journalism.



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